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What is Second Career?


“Second Career” is a government program that is designed to help unemployed and underemployed workers get job skills and training they need to find jobs in high-demand sectors in Ontario. The Second Career program is a grant provided on the basis of need. Applicants to the program may receive different amounts of funding that can be used to help pay for tuition, travel, books and basic living allowance. Additional support may be available to those with disabilities, dependent care, costs of living away from home and academic upgrading.


Second Career provides laid-off workers with skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations. Second Career is a cost-sharing grant provided on the basis of need, so you may be asked to contribute what you can to your training or education. Second Career provides up to $28,000 for tuition books, other instruction costs such as manuals or workbooks, transportation and a basic living allowance.


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Am I Eligible for Second Career?

Ontario has expanded access to the Second Career program. The new criteria allow more laid-off workers to participate in the program to take advantage of the training opportunities available.


  • Workers laid off as far back as January 1, 2005
  • If you are working part time (less than 20 hrs per week), you may still be eligible to apply for funding from the government of Ontario.
  • If you are on E.I., you may be eligible to apply for funding from the government of Ontario to go back to school and train for another career.
  • If you were on E.I. in the last three years and your benefits have expired, you may be eligible to apply for funding from the government of Ontario.
  • If you were on maternity leave and for some satisfactory reason you were not able to return to your job, you may be eligible to apply for government funding from the Government of Ontario.

How Do I Apply?

To find out more about how to successfully apply and which programs are eligible book an appointment with one of our Admission Counsellors who can guide you through the process. Our experience has helped thousands of applicants navigate the application process.


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