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At Windsor Career College, your success is our success.


That means that we want to get you the job just as badly as you want to land it! We provide the training and experience that is necessary for you to create the career that you have always wanted. When you graduate from Windsor Career College, you will be ready to pursue your dream career!


We know finding a job in your chosen workforce is so crucial. Here’s what we do to help:


Experience is vital when you are on the hunt for your dream job, and it can be a tricky situation for those who are just finishing school. How do you get the experience that you need to qualify for these positions? Windsor Career College has got you covered. Most of our diploma programs come with an internship so that you can get the working experience you need to qualify for those opportunities.


Internships provide the opportunity for students to broaden their skills through on-the-job training. Students can gain industry experience, improve their employability, network with professionals in their field, as well as complete the academic requirements of their program. WCC will provide students what you can expect from the internship process and how to prepare to successfully complete and gain the most from your internship experience.


The end of your internship signals the end of your program, and this means that it’s time to step foot into the workforce. Our staff are here to help you along the way – we won’t let you leave Windsor Career College without being fully prepared for the job in your field.


As a student, you will gain knowledge and skills to conduct independent job searches. We don’t let you step into an interview without preparation. Our staff will help you prepare for your big one-on-one with a potential employer through mock interviews.


Windsor Career College has high graduate placement. Our graduates have found jobs they love, in the field of their choice. Now, doesn’t that speak success?

Career Management

Our Career Management-Employment Workshop program is a mandatory course that is offered in each of our diploma programs. We believe that by providing training on how to effectively prepare for the opportunities that await our students after they graduate, we are ensuring that they are ready for their new career.

Employment Workshops and Presentations

With several hands-on workshops, you are shown how to search for positions that match your skills and experience. The goal is to have you working immediately after graduation.

Resume Building

Be prepared with an outstanding resume and supporting documents when you begin your job search. During your Employment Workshop class, you will be taught how to create a resume and cover letter as well as make updates throughout your chosen program.

Career Fairs

WCC makes meaningful connections with employers so that we have an abundance of opportunities for internship and job placements.


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