Physio Therapy Assistant Diploma Windsor - Course Modules, Grading System and Certification
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Physical Therapist Assistant

Diploma (42 weeks)

Physical Therapist Assistant Diploma (42 Weeks)

This program is designed to help provide services and assistance to health care professionals and other healthcare staff.

Physical Therapist Assistants are employed in hospitals, clinics, offices of health care professionals, nursing homes, optical retail stores, pharmacies and medical pathology laboratories.


The diploma will develop:

  • Ability to accompany patients to treatment rooms
  • Ability to assist patients with maintenance programs as directed / supervised by physiotherapist
  • Ability to assist patients in the use of therapeutic equipment as directed / supervised by physiotherapist
  • Ability to provide support services to health care professionals
  • Knowledge on how to clean, maintain records and inventory of supplies
  • How to treat soft tissues and joints of the body through soft tissue manipulation

Course Modules

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Development
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Management & Administration
  • Disabilities & Disorders
  • Role of PTA
  • Ethical Issues
  • Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Physical Therapy
  • Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Therapy
  • Physical Therapy for Pediatrics
  • Physical Therapy for the Elderly
  • Rehabilitation & Function of the Body
  • Practical Field Experience
  • Employment Workshop

Grading System and Certification

Students will be required to obtain a score of at least 70% in each subject with an overall average of 75% in order to graduate.

After successful completion of the program, a Diploma certified from Windsor Career College will be granted.

This program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Duration and Schedule

This program is covered in ten months (42 weeks) based on twenty- five hours per week and five hours a day.

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